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Longarm Quilting, quilt back prep, quilt basting, trimming, binding.

T-shirt quilts from shirts to finished quilt


1.5 cents per square inch

Edge-to-edge designs, also know as pantographs, are by far the most common choices.  They provide beautiful designs at an affordable price.  The design is consistent across the entire quilt without regard to the blocks or borders.  There are many design options to choose from.  If you have something specific in mind and I don't already have it, I will be happy to purchase the pantograph and add it to my portfolio.

2.0 cents per square inch and up

Light custom consists of a variety of designs which vary on the quilt and follow the basic guidelines of the blocks and borders.  Designs can be geometric or curvy or a combination of both,  Look at the gallery of quilts for ideas or bring me your ideas or a picture.  We can discuss the pros and cons and select something that will bring your quilt to life. 

1.0 cent per square inch

An open meander is a budget friendly option to get your quilt top finished into a beautiful, usable quilt.


To estimate the charge for your quilt, measure the width and multiply by the length measurement, both in inches.  Example:  A twin size quilt, typically 72" x 90" with an edge-to-edge design will cost $97.20.  There is a $50 minimum charge for each quilt


My most popular batting is Hobbs 80/20 which is 80% cotton and 20% polyester; it is an excellent all-purpose batting.  I can provide this batting at a cost to you of 0.3 cents per square inch.  For the twin size quilt example above, the batting charge would be $18.90.

If you would prefer a different batting like 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or a washable wool, I will gladly give you a quote and provide the batting.  You are welcome to provide the batting of your choice so there will be no charge .


You provide the fabric and I will take care of the binding from start to finish.

25 cents per linear inch for binding machine sewn to the front and hand sewn to the back for a sleek, professional finish.  

15 cents per linear inch for binding machine stitched to front and back using a decorative zigzag or plain straight stitch for a sturdy and attractive finish.

1.0 cents per linear inch for binding machine stitched to front and quilt trimmed and ready for you to hand sew the binding to the back.  

To calculate binding charge add length plus width measurements and multiply by 2.  This gives you the linear inches.  For the example twin size quilt with machine sewn binding, the charge would be (72 + 90) x 2 = 324 linear inches x 0.15 = $48.60


There are no additional charges for thread or needles and there are no hidden charges.  

I will be glad to provide an up-front estimate before I start.  Payment is due when you receive your completed quilt.  A personal check is fine or I can invoice you through Paypal.

If you have mailed me your quilt tops, the quilts will be returned to you via USPS Priority Mail or equivalent.  Return shipping is a flat fee of $10 per quilt.  

Quilt Preparation

Quilt tops should be pressed with seams flat.  Some fullness in the blocks and borders can be absorbed in the quilting process, but excess fullness may result in small pleats being quilted in.  Every effort will be made to ensure a good result.

Backing needs to be at least 4" larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides.  The backing should be seamed and pressed with straight and parallel sides to load on the longarm.  Do not baste your quilt sandwich.  It is nearly impossible to center a design on the backing so no guarantees are made if your backing has decorative piecing.  

Additional Information

We can make plans and decisions for your quilt in person or you can mail me your quilt top and we can discuss options via email, messaging, or phone.

My typical turnaround is 2-3 weeks or less, but on occasion it may be a little longer.  If you need your quilt quicker for a special event, I can often accommodate your request.  

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