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Those t-shirts your or your children won't wear anymore can be made into a one-of-a-kind heirloom to be enjoyed instead of stuffed in a drawer or box.

Price is $16 per shirt for a complete, bound, ready to use/gift quilt with a standard layout.  The standard layout is each shirt finished to 14" square with a 1" sashing between them and a 4" border.  A finished quilt made from 12 t-shirts would measure about 52" x 67" and cost $192.  This is a nice lap size.  Of course, a greater number of t-shirts will make a larger quilt.  More complicated layouts will be an additional charge.  Contact me for more information.  Children's shirts will often need to be cut to smaller measurements.  The price will be adjusted appropriately.

Give me clean, uncut t-shirts with a pin indicating which side you want to be used in the quilt.  Front and back can both be used if desired.  We will discuss the color and pattern of fabric you would like for the sashing and borders.  The t-shirts will be stabilized to prevent stretching.  The quilting design will be an open meander to avoid areas of paint on the shirts as much as possible. 

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